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Master Menopause in 3 Steps

STEP 1 – GOOD MOOD FOOD Incorporate dairy products, healthy fats, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and foods high in phytoestrogens together with good quality protein into your everyday diet. Remove all inflammatory and hormone unfriendly foods such as processed carbs, added sugars, caffeine, and foods high in salt and alcohol. Also known as bad mood food.   STEP 2 – GET MOVING Feelnoo peri & menopause friendly classes are designed with you in mind. Our quick 30 minute, easy and powerful classes are all low impact and easy on the joints – we’ve got over 100 live classes every month! Low impact HIIT classes (High Intensity Interval Training) are great for combating weight gain and building strength.   STEP 3 – BEAT THE BLOAT This amazing water if full of age defying ingredients that will keep you both, hydrated and full of energy. The anti-inflammatory ginger, cucumber and lime will promote a flat stomach. Ingredients  Freshly grated ginger (about 1 tsp) 2 litres still cold water 1 cucumber (cut into ribbons with a vegetable peeler) 1 lime cut into thin slices Fresh lime leaves from a small bunch Method  Mix all of the ingredients together in a bottle or jug, leave for about an hour in the fridge or overnight and pour into your favourite glass and enjoy!   FURTHER READING... Get your hormones in check with a regular exercise routine and by being kind to your body – it’s never too late to start! Find out more about our approach to menopause on the Feelnoo program here: Feelnoo Menopause