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Fuel Your Workout

PROTEIN IS KING To achieve good results from your workouts it's a good idea to take on a suitable amount of protein generally. It is a myth that you can only achieve lovely toned muscles by eating huge amounts of animal protein! So if you’re vegan/plant based (our co-founder Jo is vegetarian) it's important to include some of the following things in your daily meals.   PLANT-BASED PROTEIN Hemp seeds are amazing! Totally full of plant protein and a versatile seed that can be used in the same way as rice or quinoa. Quinoa contains protein plus carbohydrate which will be good for energy. Tempah, pulses such as chick peas, kidney beans, pinto beans, lentils, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds. A good vegan protein shake. “Pea protein is just an amazing way to take on protein either as a shake or used in some yummy recipes!” - Jo Gray, co-founder and nutritionist   CARBS AND FATS WELCOME A good balanced diet is alway the way forwards when working out - so make sure that good carbohydrates such as all the colourful vegetables are included too. It's the nasty carbs full of sugar like cakes, biscuits and bread that will not help. (Although we do have ways of transitioning these regular old favourites into healthy alternatives.) Good fats are a must in any diet - things like avocado, oils, like olive oil, hemp oil and sesame oil.   JO'S TOP TIPS Have a banana or some medjool dates before your workout to get a burst of energy without over eating. A post workout meal is also advised to make full use of feeding those muscles that you’ve just worked - so taking on protein from the list above is perfect. Having a good quality (high potency) multi vitamin will also enhance your nutrition and performance when exercising. Water is also essential to hydrate your body, flush out toxins and helping to transport nutrients around the body.