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Beat Zoom Fatigue

WHAT'S THE ISSUE? “Many of my clients have been complaining of headaches, neck and back aches when sitting watching Zoom or working from their desks at home for long periods of time.”- Luke Gray, Feelnoo Founder When sitting in one position the shoulders become protracted and the trapezius (muscle either side of neck) becomes continuously engaged. This leads to neck ache and eventually headaches. Tight hip flexors can also lead to back pain and muscle spasms in the lower back, hips and thighs.   AFTER EVERY ZOOM CALL (5MINS) 1. Get up and have a walk around, then at least your position is changed. 2. Rotate the shoulders backwards (5 x backward rotation) so that the shoulder blades touch – returning the shoulders to a more normal position. 3. Even while seated try to include regular neck stretches: turning the head from centre to left (hold for count of 10) return to the centre and turn to the right (hold for 10 four times).   AT THE END OF EACH DAY (10MINS) 1. Go for a walk, it’s great for the back! 2. Hip flexor stretch – kneel on one knee with the other leg in front in a knee bend. Push the hips forwards keeping your body upright. 3. Lower back stretch – lying on your back with your knees bent feet on the floor. Let your legs fall to one side & repeat on the other side x4 . 5. Choose a few yoga exercises to stretch the body – we use cobra/cat or child’s pose but strength exercises such as a low plank help to offer support to the skeleton.   BEAT ZOOM FATIGUE 1. Stay hydrated – keep a large bottle of water on your desk. 2. Keep the room ventilated – open a window and take in fresh air. 3. Move around – exercising frequently boosts your metabolic rate!